For Children Under 5

Our preschool gymnastics classes are themed “Frog-Nastics”.  Your child will progress from a “Tiny Leaper” while they are two years old to a “Mighty Leaper” when they are three and four years old.  All of our Frog-nastics classes are structured to help our preschoolers develop physically, mentally, and socially. Through a wide variety of activities we are confident they will learn how to listen, follow directions, and respect others.

What We Offer:


Frog-nastics is our theme-based, age specific, lesson planned curriculum that accommodates children from ages 2 years to 5 years old.  During their 50 minute class the kids will do a warm up and stretch and visit three gymnastics events.  Gymnastics not only helps with balance, coordination, and strength but it also fortifies self confidence, discipline, and sportsmanship.

Tiny Leapers

Our “Tiny Leapers” class is for our youngest gymnasts aged 2 to 3 years old. It is a fifty minute adult/child class with a ratio of 8 to 1. This class offers movement with music, obstacle courses, and gymnastics events. With concentration on very basic gymnastics skills your tiny leaper will develop body and spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, balance, and upper body strength. We also strive to expose your child to colors, numbers, shapes, and letters throughout their class time.  Tiny leaper classes are $84 per month.

Mighty Leapers

Our “Mighty Leapers” class is for potty trained kids ages 3 & 4 years old. It is a fifty minute class with a ratio of 8 to 1. This class offers a warm up and stretch, and three gymnastics events each class time. There are also group games and activities planned to teach “life skills” such as sharing and good sportsmanship. Through learning gymnastics body positions and technical skills, our mighty leapers will develop their over-all body control, coordination, balance, flexibility, and upper body strength to prepare them for our progressive gymnastics program.  Mighty Leaper classes $84 per month.

Open Pond

We are currently offering Open Pond on Friday and Saturday mornings from 9am-11am.

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All children ages 4 years old and under are welcome to come join in the fun! We offer this open gym time for Pre-Schoolers on Friday and Saturday Mornings from 9-11.  Come explore, climb, and play with your little one in our clean, safe, kid friendly environment. Play time is staff supervised and will allow you to be directly involved in the growth and development of your child. All mobile children are able to explore the gym with their parent, and we ask that one adult stay with them at all times.  This program is $10 per visit for children over 1 years old or you can buy a punch card with us and 5 punches(visits) is $45 or get 10 punches(visits) for $90.


In House Daily Preschool Program

Did you know that we have an in house morning preschool program?  Children will work on school readiness skills while working in a fun, movement based environment.  Click here for more information.


Parental Reviews

“I have had a wonderful experience at Foothills Gymnastics over the past 4 years! Both my son & daughter have grown in their listening skills, coordination, motor control, and following directions. We look forward to many more years of growing & learning at Foothills Gymnastics”
-Melissa, Mother of 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son

“Foothills is a wonderful facility with a dedicated, energetic and caring staff. Alyssa began the Frog-nastics program when she was only 12 months old. She has had a very positive experience. Now at almost 5 years old, she still loves gymnastics and has lots of fun. This program has enhanced her strength, flexibility, coordination & Teamwork skills.