Afterschool Program





Foothills Gymnastics Afterschool Program

Monday –Friday (K-6)


Our afterschool children have the opportunity to be picked up from three local schools or parents can drop off from other schools.  Once they arrive here at our facility they get some play time out in the gym and then they head to our Afterschool Room to work on homework with our instructors.  If you would like to add a gymnastics or tumbling class to their day you can do that also and they will head to class when its time.


1 day per week $1 – $15*

2 days per week $32 – $28*

3 days per week $45 – $41*

4 days per week $56 – $48*

5 days per week $65 – $55*

* = second child discount
$15 per week additional for Gymnastics or Tumbling class.

$35 Registration Fee to reserve your child’s spot



This after school care will provide quality instruction by a staff dedicated to completing school assignments while also offering a physical activity class. Homework, plus an extra curricular activity, equals true “family time” for all of you! This program will add value to your lives in this busy world we all live in!

Due to the flexible nature of these options, we request that ALL children participating in less than 5 days be registered and paid by the Friday of the prior week. This will allow for appropriate staffing and transportation.

Transportation Options

To participate in the pick up only option, your child must be in a 4:00 pm class.  If they are in a later class they MUST participate in the After School Program.

Bus-Only Option

1 day per week—$5

2 days per week—$10

3 or more days per week—$15

[Click Here] to download our Afterschool Registration Form

Day Camps

During scheduled days off or during school closures if we have enough interested kids we will do day camps.  During this time the kids will be with our instructors doing games, free time, and class room time.

Pre-registration is required for day camps on scheduled days off and you can check our website on inclement weather days to see if we will be hosting a day camp.

Walk in fee will be added, if space is available, for walk ins.