Welcome to Foothills Gymnastics!

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Here at Foothills We believe:

That safety in everything is a must.

In unconditional respect by and for everyone.

In creating educational opportunities through a fun environment for everyone. (Children, Staff, Parents, and Owners.)

When children are having fun, they are learning.

That all children should have the opportunity to appreciate their own innate worth.

In developing skills for life- physical, mental, and social education is a lifelong journey.

Benefits of Gymnastics

Participation in Gymnastics challenges and develops all aspects of your child’s mind, body and spirit. Many of the benefits are not about learning gymnastics skills, but are about more important developmental areas that will help your child become a better student and young adult. Our gymnastics programs are not solely about creating gymnasts, but about building Bolder, Brighter, More Confident Kids! We would like to highlight a few of the benefits to show you why your child should participate in the greatest sport in the world.

Healthy Lifestyle: Gymnastics is most importantly fun. Through fun activities such as gymnastics, children learn that staying active can be fun and rewarding.

Self-Confidence: Through the challenge of learning gymnastics skills, the students gain confidence with each step that they take. Doing skills on the beams and bars helps them gain confidence in their own abilities. This improved self-confidence will transfer to other areas of their lives including school.

All aspects of athletic ability:

  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Speed and Power
  • Body, Space, and Air Awareness

Hard Work Ethic and Perseverance: Some gymnastics skills are difficult to learn. We can teach the children that by working hard and staying determined that they can succeed at whatever they put their minds to. Children also learn that working hard can be fun and very rewarding.

Discipline: We do have rules in gymnastics classes in order to keep all of the children safe in a controlled environment.

Social Skills: Gymnastics gives children, especially the younger ones, the opportunity to work on important social skills every week. They learn to listen and follow directions, take turns, be quiet, respect others and a lot more.


Come Join us for National Gymnastics Day on September 16th!!