Recreational Gymnastics

We are proud to present to you the exciting world of Foothills Gymnastics!

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The core objective of our Recreational Program is to create an environment where each child can feel successful and learn positive self worth regardless of skill level.

Gymnastics acts simultaneously as a wonderful tool to aid in increasing self esteem and as an exciting and enjoyable form of exercise. In addition, gymnastics will help your child develop skills and all aspects of athletic ability including speed, agility, strength, balance, power and flexibility. Therefore, gymnastics is a great introduction and compliment to all other sports. The love for physical exercise will allow your child to grow and continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

The Foothills Recreational Gymnastics Program begins at the age of 5 for both boys and girls. These classes meet once a week for an hour and are designed to be challenging yet fun. Classes include training in flexibility and strength as well as progression of skills. This program outlines definite objectives for each level on all of the different apparatus. Girls’ events include floor exercise, vault, uneven bars, balance beam and tumble track/trampoline. Conversely, the boys’ events are comprised of floor exercise, vault, pommel horse, parallel bars, high bar, still rings and tumble track/ trampoline. Your child’s progress will be tracked through skill charts which are maintained by the instructor at each level on each event. Our gymnastics skills are taken directly from the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program and are designed to build the basic foundations necessary to learn upper level advanced skills.

The Boys Recreational Program begins with the pre-rec class for 5 year olds and then continues with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes for ages 6 and older. The Girls Recreational Program also begins with a pre-rec class for those students who have reached the age of 5 and then advances through Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Advanced classes for kids ages 6 and up. Your child’s instructor will notify you once your son or daughter is ready to advance to the next level by rewarding your gymnast with a Certificate of Achievement.

Through our system of levels, we assure our customers that we can provide a program that will meet every child’s need regardless of whether they view gymnastics as a recreational activity or as a potentially competitive sport.


Foothills Gymnastics Under 5

For 5 year olds, this class provides a stepping stone for kids coming into our program at this young age as well as a transitional class from our Frog-nastics program to the bigger girl classes.

Level 1

Foothills Gymnastics Recreational Gymnastics Level 1

This Level is meant to be an introduction to gymnastics with the main focus on learning the language of gymnastics as well as getting comfortable on the equipment.

Level 2

Foothills Gymnastics Recreational Gymnastics Level 2

The key to building any great structure is having a good foundation.This is where building the foundation of gymnastics really begins.

Level 3-5

Foothills Gymnastics Recreational Gymnastics Level 3-5

Each Level gets more challenging, allowing your child to develop and succeed at their own pace and with other girls at their skill level.